Highlights and more facts.

Off-road perfection.

The Unimog U 4023/U 5023 makes its way.

Progress and safety, perfection and responsibility, power and innovation – these are just some of the values which Unimog customers associate with Mercedes-Benz and for which the Unimog is built to deliver. It combines great efficiency, state-of-the-art large-series production technology and outstanding off-road capability to form a truly successful overall concept that stands for Mercedes-Benz’s decade-long experience in the development and production of highly off-road capable commercial vehicles.

Off-road capability.

A unique chassis concept.

Chassis expertise.

The off-road capability of the Unimog begins with its unique chassis concept: The torsionally flexible chassis with 3-point cab mounting, engine and transmission as well as the axle suspension with thrust tube technology, wishbones and coil springs allow axle articulation of up to 30 degrees. All-wheel drive, single tyres, Tirecontrol Plus central tyre inflation system and differential locks ensure maximum off-road traction. In addition, the vehicle’s low centre of gravity ensures stability even on extremely steep slopes. When off-road, the Unimog also benefits in particular from its ground clearance of up to half a metre.

Tirecontrol Plus.

Nobody can imitate that.

Tirecontrol Plus.

No-one is yet to compete with the Unimog in this environment: setting the right tyre pressure for the task at hand is conveniently carried out at the push of a button on the display. The driver has the choice between Manual control, or the three pre-configured modes “Road”, “Sand” and “Rough”. The tyre pressure is then automatically adjusted. This means the Unimog can be driven with low tyre pressure on loose ground such as sand or mud and therefore has a greater tyre contact area. This leads to better traction and less slipping, or more economical, safer driving when on-road and the tyres are set at a higher pressure with a smaller surface area.

The Tirecontrol Plus central tyre inflation system is available ex-factory and no special conversion is necessary.


As a modern commercial vehicle, the Unimog makes no compromises.

Working safely.

With the Unimog, not only are its users safe on the road, but also other road users. The most important features are: outstanding visibility to the front thanks to the short bonnet; directional stability; ABS; precision steering; optimum axle load distribution; and the workplace with three-point seat belt and head restraint, which is mounted in such a way as to ensure minimal vibrations. The exterior design with its short front-end and very wide field of vision over both the driving and working areas make the Unimog a particularly safe commercial vehicle. The windscreen wiper system is mounted above the windscreen and optimises the cleaning of the windscreen, especially in the case of winter service work. What’s more, the headlamps featuring daytime driving lights not only help Unimog users to see better, but also to be seen better. The optional front-end camera and monitoring system also improves vision in the immediate vicinity of the vehicle and makes the mounting of implements easier at the front.

The front-end dimensions and the position of the driver are especially important when working with front-mounted implements. The Unimog minimises blind spots to the front, even when operating with large implements like snow ploughs.

Its balanced axle load ratio is particularly helpful to the Unimog when cornering on slippery road surfaces.

Versatility made simple.

Even in the deepest wilderness, hydraulic, mechanical and electric drives deliver the right output for a wide variety of implements and add-on equipment. The well thought-out drive concept predestines the vehicle for a wide variety of tasks and applications. Several attachments and body mounting areas with standardised connection points make it very easy to attach bodies and swap implements.

System expertise.

The Unimog is more than just a vehicle. The vast combination of fixed or interchangeable implements and bodies creates a system that offers exceptional variety, flexibility and productivity. Mercedes-Benz has been cooperating with international equipment and body manufacturers for decades combining the Unimog with the experience and competence of specialists as well as the expertise of competent Unimog partners. This allows tailor-made solutions to be found for even the most unusual requirements.

Attachment and  body mounting possibilities.

  1. Standardised front mounting plate for implements up to 1.5 t, e.g. snow ploughs
  2. Implement fittings at the front, for e.g. compressors or emergency power generators
  3. Winch support
  4. Frame implement fittings
  5. Mounting elements for platform or box bodies
  6. Floor assembly for special bodies prepared


Balanced axle load distribution as well
as about very good visibility conditions.

The safety features of the all-terrain Unimog include its low centre of gravity and balanced axle load distribution, which has a positive effect on the vehicle’s handling, as well as enabling excellent visibility in the range of travel and operation. The optional camera monitor system improves vision further. When the Unimog does have to finally stop, it does so with the pneumatic braking system with off-road ABS, automatic load-dependent brake force control (ALB) and disc brakes on all four wheels.

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