Drive Concept.

Built to work.

Performing outstandingly.

Its robustness, reliability and versatility have made the “universal power tool”, as it was originally called, the work and transport vehicle of choice worldwide for decades when difficult operating conditions require a reliable helper. Despite its broad scope of practical skills, it has been possible to keep its dimensions compact – and it’s for this specific reason that the all-terrain Unimog can make use of its effectiveness virtually wherever it is needed.


More than 70 years of development experience.


The all-terrain Unimog is the embodiment of more than 70 years of development experience: Portal axles, all-wheel drive, central tyre inflation system and differential locks on both axles and an extremely torsionally-capable vehicle frame enable the U 4023 and the U 5023 to advance in even the most arduous terrain. Thanks to Tirecontrol Plus: the preset modes “road”, “sand” and “rough” make the selection of the correct tyre pressure easily and automatically at the touch of a button.

Takes almost every hurdle.

The engageable all-wheel drive system propels the vehicle steadily forward even on difficult terrain. To prevent any of the wheels from spinning, differential locks can be engaged. The single-tyre concept is also well thought-out: the rear wheels follow in the tracks made by the front wheels using the already compacted surface for added stability.

The engine has been positioned in a central position under the cab. This results in a balanced axle load distribution, which has a positive effect on vehicle handling. When the Unimog does have to stop, it does so with the pneumatic braking system with off-road ABS, automatic load-dependent brake force control (ALB) and disc brakes on all four wheels.

Unique frame concept.

At the core of the Unimog U 4023 and Unimog U 5023’s all-terrain capabilities is the cranked vehicle frame with welded tubular cross members. Thanks to its torsional flexibility in combination with torque tube technology and the 3-point mounting of engine, transmission, cab and body, a diagonal torsion of up to 600 mm is possible. As the frame is completely welded, it possesses great torsional resistance. At the same time the cranked frame makes possible both a low centre of gravity and high ground clearance. The Unimog portal axles also ensure this. The asymmetrical arrangement of the axle differentials makes it easier to ride over obstacles.

Short frame overhangs at the front and rear result in large approach/departure and ramp breakover angles, so that hardly any steep terrain presents a difficulty for the Unimog. In addition to this: components protected from water ingress, the raised air intake tube and ventilation ducts make fording of water with a depth of up to 800 mm (optionally 1200 mm) possible.

By connecting the axles to the transmission by means of torque tube and thrust ball, an axle articulation of up to 30° is possible. Encapsulation of the drive shaft protects against contamination with dust, water and other outside influences when driving off the beaten track.


Economical. Powerful. Environmentally friendly.

The economical engine.

The all-terrain Unimog is equipped with modern and efficient Mercedes-Benz drive system technology. Tested in large-scale series production, the Euro VI engine generation sets standards for its class, taking no half-measures where conserving the environment, economic efficiency and top performance are concerned. The 4-cylinder engine with an output of 170 kW (231 hp) is particularly maintenance-friendly, economical, smooth-running and powerful. It is characterised by its high torque of up to 900 Nm as well as good figures for exhaust emissions, consumption and power-to-weight ratio. 4-valve technology and common rail injection up to 2400 bar further increase efficiency.

Perfectly coordinated drive system technology.

However, the engine is not only used for propulsion but also for braking: The two-stage decompression engine brake reduces mechanical wear and tear and makes a great contribution to economic efficiency. The exhaust gas aftertreatment system uses BlueTec 6 technology which has already proven its worth in daily use over many millions of kilometres in our heavy-duty mass-production engines. In the exhaust gas aftertreatment unit, the SCR catalytic converter reduces the nitrogen oxides to a minimum. Furthermore, the diesel particulate filter prevents almost any soot particles from escaping.


Top performing technology with power as standard.

Powerful transmission.

In the Unimog, the fully synchronised electro-pneumatic transmission (EPS) with its eight forward and six reverse gears provides the vehicle with propulsion. A special off-road group is also available with an additional eight forward and eight reverse gears for low driving speeds. It is characterised by particularly smooth running, a long service life and great efficiency. In addition, with the synchronised Electronic Quick Reverse group, quick changes in the direction of travel are possible, e.g. for rocking the vehicle free on rough off-road terrain.

More is more.

The Unimog ensures for itself the full range of possible applications, not least through its well-proven transmission power take-offs – for example, with different speeds to suit hydraulic pumps or water pumps for fire appliances. Thanks to an optimised floor assembly, the transmission power take-offs are excellently accessible and are highly versatile.

All-wheel drive.

With the rear-axle drive system for the road and the pneumatically engageable all-wheel drive for off-road use, you have maximum traction in every situation. And when the going gets really tough, differential locks on both axles ensure full power transmission. This way you can be sure to be able to move forward even if only one wheel has sufficient traction. This enables the Unimog to tackle gradients of up to 100 %.

Automatic Shift.

Two drive programs help reduce the driver’s workload: in automatic mode “A” – whilst taking into account the load, accelerator position, engine operation, climbs/inclines and the engine brake – the drive program handles gear changes and clutch operation entirely. However, if it becomes necessary for the driver to manually change gear using the multi-function lever, this is also possible.

Complete control is offered by the “M” drive program (manual). Here, gear selection is also made using the multi-function lever. The driver determines the gear and the clutch operation occurs automatically.

Portal axles.

High ground clearance.

Stay flexible – always.

Application versatility is the trademark of the Unimog. Its reinforced portal axles with hub reduction gear guarantee high ground clearance for the most diverse of tasks – even off the beaten track.

To this end, the differential and the drive shafts connected with it are repositioned higher up. The axle tube and differential lie above the wheel centre. In this way, obstacles are easier to overcome and the vehicle’s centre of gravity remains low.

Its axle suspension is reinforced and can withstand the greatest loads. The axle design is also incredibly robust: It makes great standard load capacities possible.

Tirecontrol Plus.

Indispensable on off-road terrain.

Tirecontrol Plus.

No-one is yet to compete with the Unimog in this environment: setting the right tyre pressure for the task at hand is conveniently carried out at the push of a button on the display. The driver has the choice between Manual control, or the three pre-configured modes “Road”, “Sand” and “Rough”. The tyre pressure is then automatically adjusted. This means the Unimog can be driven with low tyre pressure on loose ground such as sand or mud and therefore has a greater tyre contact area. This leads to better traction and less slipping, or more economical, safer driving when on-road and the tyres are set at a higher pressure with a smaller surface area.

The Tirecontrol Plus central tyre inflation system is available ex-factory and no special conversion is necessary.

High tyre pressure.

  • Low contact area
  • Low tyre wear
  • Low fuel consumption
  • High load-bearing capability at high speed
  • Great tracking safety and steering stability

Low tyre pressure.

  • Large contact area
  • Low ground pressure, less ground disturbance
  • Less slipping
  • High traction
  • Good self-cleaning (tread)
  • Low compaction of ground, fewer ruts
  • No getting stuck in the mud

Activating the tyre pressure control system.

  • Preselect or manually select pre-programmed mode on the display
  • Operated via steering wheel buttons
  • Test and fill valve as well as pipework are all protected under the hub cap

Attachments and bodies.

Working in places others cannot even approach.

Versatile off-road specialist.

Boulders, scree, snow, sand, unconsolidated tracks – the Unimog U 4023 and Unimog U 5023 will always find a way to get through. Thanks to their uncompromising all-terrain capabilities, they can transport tools, implements, material and even work teams far beyond the beaten track to their destination.

Vehicle and tool rolled into one.

The standardised interfaces and drives for fixed or interchangeable devices, which are already available ex-works, make it possible. The all-terrain Unimog has two different transmission power take-offs as well as an engine power take-off. A vehicle hydraulic system is available upon request to power multiple implements or for long-term consumers. Standardised sockets provide electric power. The body mounting space can be used particularly flexibly: The possibilities range from platform bodies and box bodies to special solutions for specific requirements. All this results in a strong and highly mobile workshop with which work assignments can be carried out safely and reliably.

Advantages at a glance.

  • Standardised front mounting plate for implements up to 1.5 t, (e.g. snow ploughs)
  • Implement fittings at the front, e.g. for compressors or emergency power generators
  • Winch support
  • Platform and box bodies possible
  • Floor assembly for special bodies prepared

Together in the name of quality.

Highly specialised and certified implement manufacturers and bodybuilders have created a reliable system solution which makes it possible for customers to use the vehicle to its fullest for a wide variety of applications. The close collaboration between Mercedes-Benz and our partners means that we can ensure long-term high quality of the entire vehicle.


Direct power.

Mechanical interfaces.

The engine PTO of the highly off-road capable Unimog offers enormous operational potential. It delivers a torque of up to 600 Nm, to operate anything from fire-fighting pumps to hydraulic motors.

The Unimog ensures for itself the full range of possible applications not least through its well-proven transmission power take-offs – with a wide range of speeds to suit all types of pumps. Thanks to an optimised floor assembly, the transmission power take-offs are excellently accessible and are highly versatile.

Hydraulic interfaces.

Precise and powerful.

The vehicle hydraulics system is used to operate equipment such as self-recovery winches or hydraulic working tools. The single-circuit hydraulics provides an operating pressure of 240 bar at a delivery volume of 60 l/min and 24 kW pump output. Standardised plug connections are located at the front and rear.

Optional dual-circuit municipal hydraulics.

The optional dual-circuit municipal hydraulics make the Unimog even more versatile: Interchangeable attachments and add-on units can thus be operated simultaneously. During colder months, the Unimog can be used for winter maintenance work with a snow plough and automatic spreader.

Electrical interfaces.

Four standardised sockets in the cab and outside enable the connection of electrical consumers such as control and operating systems for implements – without the need for any cabling.

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