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Set the standards. Move the limits.

The implement carriers from Mercedes-Benz.

Advancement and safety, perfection and responsibility, power and innovation – those are just some of the values which Unimog customers rightfully connect with Mercedes-Benz. The Unimog implement carrier combines modern commercial vehicle technology with extraordinary system and chassis competence, thus creating a winning overall concept, which achieves a likewise high level when it comes to productivity, efficiency and environmental considerations. And that’s why, more than ever, the Unimog is an investment in the future.

System competence.

Top performance in the most diverse
disciplines, 365 days a year.

Pure competence: the all-year-round all-rounder.

Maximum versatility.

The Unimog implement carrier has more than earned its reputation as a workhorse. It delivers top-level performance in the most diverse of disciplines, 365 days a year. This is thanks to the impressive four attachment and mounting areas which the Unimog offers. The hydraulic, mechanical and electrical supply of implements makes working particularly flexible whilst also providing the right type of drive for any of the innumerable tasks the Unimog will face.

Efficiently into the future.

The Unimog brings many innovative solutions onto the road which ensure its high level of efficiency and significantly reduced emissions. This includes fulfilling the Euro VI emissions norm, but also physical components designed specifically for the Unimog, such as its modern diesel engines, powerful transmissions and the axles with high load-bearing capacity.

Desirable workplace.

The Unimog implement carrier is more compact and manoeuvrable than any other truck of its kind: short wheelbases starting at 2800 mm, the small turning circle and the optional rear-axle auxiliary steering simplify manoeuvring, even in the tightest of spaces. Despite these small dimensions, something which is big are the user-friendliness and ergonomics of the modern cab. Here, numerous requests from users were also implemented as part of the vehicle’s development. The comfortable seating position behind the front axle, simple implement operation using the multifunction joystick and the settings options for all vehicle functions in the instrument cluster are just a few examples of the high driving and operating comfort which can be experienced in the Unimog implement carrier.

Modern drive system technology.

A highlight of the Unimog is the EasyDrive synergetic traction drive system. It combines the advantages of the fuel-saving manual transmission for journeys up to 89 km/h with a hydrostatic traction drive system. The advantage: the working speed can be steplessly set at any speed between 0 and 50 km/h, independently of the engine speed and can then be maintained using the cruise control function. What’s more, the driver can also choose to make an instantaneous switch between the stepless and mechanical drive system when changing locations.

Together in the name of quality.

Highly specialised and certified implement manufacturers and bodybuilders have created a reliable system solution which makes it possible for customers to use the vehicle to the full for a wide variety of applications. The close collaboration between Mercedes-Benz and our partners means that we can ensure long-term high quality of the entire vehicle.

Attachement and
mounting areas.

The Unimog implement carrier excels with its great operational versatility.

Surprisingly versatile.

For generations, the Unimog has remained unparalleled when it comes to versatility in year-round operations. The reason behind that is that the implement carrier is a unique vehicle concept which was specifically developed for use with implements. In conjunction with the many qualified implement partners, individual system solutions are created which help increase productivity and vehicle usage within fleets. Even in terms of implement operation and control, the implement carrier is a top performer. Plus, the removable multifunction joystick makes operation simpler and thus safer.

A productive work machine.

Thanks to standardised interfaces, various implements can be combined and innumerable applications carried out. Among the equipment are the standardised front mounting plate, attachment points on the frame, mounting brackets on the sides and at the rear as well as ball-point positions on the platform sub-frame. This creates a total of three attachment areas at the front, between the axles and at the rear of the vehicle. They can be used simultaneously and enable highly efficient working.

The mounting area is located on the platform. Attachments can be fastened directly onto the ladder-type frame or onto ball points on the platform frame. With the platform removed, the payload is increased considerably. The mounting brackets at the rear can withstand a load of up to 2.5 t.


As a modern commercial vehicle, the Unimog makes
no compromises.

Working safely.

With the Unimog, not only are its users safe on the road, but also other road users. The most important features are: outstanding visibility to the front thanks to the short bonnet; directional stability; ABS; precision steering; optimum axle load distribution; and the workplace with three-point seat belt and head restraint, which is mounted in such a way as to ensure minimal vibrations. The exterior design with its short front-end and very wide field of vision over both the driving and working areas make the Unimog a particularly safe commercial vehicle. The windscreen wiper system is mounted above the windscreen and optimises the cleaning of the windscreen, especially in the case of winter service work. What’s more, the headlamps featuring daytime driving lights not only help Unimog users to see better, but also to be seen better. The optional front-end camera and monitoring system also improves vision in the immediate vicinity of the vehicle and makes the mounting of implements easier at the front.

The front-end dimensions and the position of the driver are especially important when working with front-mounted implements. The Unimog minimises blind spots to the front, even when operating with large implements like snow ploughs.

Its balanced axle load ratio is particularly helpful to the Unimog when cornering on slippery road surfaces.


The synergetic traction drive.

This system combines the advantages of a fuel-saving manual transmission for driving at speeds up to 89 km/h with a hydrostatic traction drive for working at speeds between 0.1 and 50 km/h. Advantage: working speed can be set steplessly and independently of engine speed and can be maintained at that level with the cruise control function. Incidentally, you can also use it to pull away and manoeuvre without causing any wear to the clutch. Plus, the driver can also choose to make an instantaneous switch between the stepless and mechanical drive system when changing locations. All of that results in high levels of efficiency and relieves drivers of more stress so that they can better concentrate on the work.

The synergetic traction drive can be varied simply in four different ways:

  • Using the accelerator and brake pedals
  • Using the working mode cruise control
  • Using the left-hand steering column control
  • Using the multifunction joystick

Advantages at a glance.

  • Gears can be changed during driving
  • Swift change between manual transmission and hydrostatic traction drive
  • Simple operation and activation
  • Working mode for working with a constant engine speed
  • Drive mode for stepless driving between 0 and 50 km/h
  • Choice of practically-oriented drive settings “efficient”, “comfortable” and “powerful”

Off-road capabilities.

With its tried-and-tested chassis concept, the Unimog
can master even the biggest of challenges.

Off-road capabilities.

With its tried-and-tested chassis concept which is based on the robust ladder-type frame, the Unimog can master even the biggest of challenges in tough everyday operations. Characteristic features are permanent all-wheel drive, great ground clearance resulting from the use of portal axles, high ride comfort, excellent axle articulation and differential locks on both axles. The implement carrier’s single tyres, Tirecontrol plus central tyre inflation system and optimal weight distribution mean it is in its element, even off the beaten track – and with a speed of up to 89 km/h it’s also great on the road.

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