Areas of application.

Unimog is unparalleled when it comes to versatility.

Remarkably versatile: system and implement-carrying expertise.

Unimog is unparalleled when it comes to versatility. The Unimog implement carrier is a unique vehicle concept which was specially developed for implement carrier operations. In conjunction with qualified implement partners, tailored solutions are created that increase productivity and vehicle usage through multiple applications. Even in terms of implement operation and control, the implement carrier is a top performer. Plus, the removable multifunction joystick makes operation simpler and safer.


An investment which pays off.

Municipal applications.

In municipal applications, economic operation, environmental considerations and performance are what count. As a professional implement carrier for road service work, the Unimog sets benchmarks. There are plenty of good reasons to choose a Unimog for municipal operations. For example, the intuitive operating concept and the innovative EasyDrive synergetic traction drive system, which allows users to switch between stepless working speeds of 0.1 to 50 km/h and road speeds of up to 89 km/h all whilst the vehicle is in motion. Then there’s also the economical and clean BlueTec 6 engine generation.

Especially in municipal applications, the Unimog benefits from all of its conceptual advantages: the all-year-round all-rounder takes on a huge scope of tasks for which a whole fleet of vehicles would otherwise be required – and that on every single day of the year.

Agriculture and forestry.

It masters any task, even if it’s off the beaten track.

Agriculture and forestry.

With increasing cost pressures and longer distances to cover, farmers and contractors in particular require quick and efficient transport solutions. When you need to move from fields to roads and on to the silo, the Unimog delivers the most wide-ranging performance around: capable off-road and kind to the fields, fast and safe with speeds up to 89 km/h on the road – all with a great payload figure and high tractive force. The Unimog lives up to day-to-day challenges efficiently with low operating costs per kilometre.

Efficiency that pays off.

Changing attachments and implement bodies can be done easily, thanks to the quick-swap system. Four attachment and mounting areas accept a range of implements to be mounted allowing owners to fully utilise the Unimog all year round, for example for mowing and winter service work. Be it in the fields or on the road, the Unimog is an impressive transport solution and, thanks to the low fuel consumption offered by the BlueTec 6 technology, it’s also especially economical.


Efficient power for the energy industry.


Professional implement carrier, powerful transport vehicle, mobile workshop: the Mercedes-Benz Unimog combines all of these talents in a single vehicle. And thus covers the whole scope of functionality that an effective fleet in the energy sector needs.

It doesn’t matter whether it’s new energy sources that you’re looking for, whether mining is your thing, or whether you’re responsible for the maintenance, checking and repairing of worldwide supply networks – thanks to its unique vehicle concept, the Unimog allows you to get where you need to be fully loaded and with full steam. To the places where the energy industry takes you on a daily basis: off-road.

Fire service.

Manoeuvering in the most confined spaces..

Fire service.

More compact and manoeuvrable than hardly any other commercial vehicle: the Unimog implement carrier is characterised by its compact dimensions. They allow emergency services to make the most of the vehicle’s system competence – even in the narrow alleyways of historical city centres.

The combination of four attachment and mounting areas, hydraulic and mechanical implement drives, as well as its off-roading capabilities provide the Unimog with a uniquely diverse scope of skills. Thanks to powerful engines and a high payload, the Unimog is capable of tackling almost any challenge that comes its way.


Impressive economy, maximum flexibility.

Road-rail operations.

Start off by shunting heavy loads on rails, then skip off the tracks and drive on the road to where the next rail task awaits you. Only one vehicle can do this – the Unimog from Mercedes-Benz. For years, the versatile road-rail Unimog has proven itself on rail and road, convincing customers of its economy and great flexibility. That’s because the professional road-rail Unimog implement carrier can tackle the most diverse range of tasks, ranging from maintenance of overhead lines to track works as well as clearing snow from the rails or cutting clearance spaces in trees and bushes.


Even the Unimog BlueTec 6 generation with its environmentally friendly innovations is – depending on the equipment and body fitted – a fully fledged shunting vehicle. Perfectly tuned for a towing capacity of up to 1000 t and equipped with phenomenal working and driving comfort, the Unimog isn’t just much cheaper to purchase than a shunting locomotive, it pays off in terms of running costs too: and that’s not just thanks to its low fuel consumption, but also in terms of maintenance and service costs. One such example is the fact that the vehicle can be driven directly to a nearby service partner.


One Unimog. Many possibilities.

Airfield operations.

To ensure safe flight operations, there are a good many tasks which need to be carried out in the airport grounds all year round. Here, the Unimog can be used with great versatility as an implement carrier, where it provides diligent service in all areas. From winter service operations with a snow plough or blower-cutter, right up to removing rubber remnants in the touchdown zone of the runway. From mowing grassed areas to fighting ice on the access routes. From sweeping the service areas to use as a tug. Be it on the apron, taxiways or runways, be it a dusting of snow, a mass of slush or even metre-high walls of snow, the Unimog can comfortably cope with almost any situation.


It’s more than capable.


Building roads? Constructing canals and waterways? Drilling? Other special tasks in mind? In the construction sector, the robust Unimog demonstrates its advantages. Specially developed for use with implements, the professional implement carrier is impressively versatile. With three attachment areas, powerful implement drives, high payloads and a panoramic cab, it’s ready to work anywhere power is a must. The combination of off-road workhorse and motorway-capable truck make it a particularly efficient choice: it doesn’t just have the advantages of a work machine, it’s also has great advantages as a prime mover. Furthermore, it both economically and rapidly gets to where it needs to be thanks to high traction… even in places where the beaten track ends. It is compact, powerful and efficient: a true builder which grows with its tasks.

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