Unimog U 216 – U 530.

Flexibility and productivity unite.

The Unimog implement carrier.

A vehicle class of its own.

Its robustness and reliability, as well as its impressive versatility have made the Unimog the implement carrier of choice for professionals for several decades now. The reason for that is that the “Universal-Motor-Gerät” (universal motorised device) – as it was originally known – is a vehicle which was specifically developed with these aims in mind. In conjunction with numerous implement manufacturers and bodybuilders, as well as the great know-how of the Unimog partners, a system came into existence whose flexibility and productivity are unparalleled. Despite its broad scope of practical skills, its dimensions were able to be kept extremely compact – and it’s for this specific reason that the Unimog can make use of its effectiveness virtually anywhere you need it.


A modern and practical cab helps to create a more comfortable working environment for drivers and operators.

Drive Concept.

More information about suspension, transmission, hydraulics and implement carrying capabilities.

Areas of Application.

Unimog is unparalleled when it comes to versatility. Discover how the Unimog can be tailored for your business.

Technical Data.

In this area, we will provide you with information on the technical details of all model variants of the Unimog implement carrier.

Highlights and more facts.

EasyDrive combines the advantages of a fuel-saving manual transmission for driving at speeds up to 89 km/h with a hydrostatic traction drive for working at speeds between 0.1 and 50 km/h.

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